XENTURION offers a wide range of remote terminal management services for Worldline payment terminals, such as: 

Remote terminal management

  • Organise and configure your terminal park
  • Use powerful search engine to establish working terminal lists
  • View terminal status, assets, groups, attributes and other details
  • Perform updates with one click
  • Check history of activities

Remote application management

  • Download any software component to terminals
  • Plan smart and dynamic updates outside business hours
  • Manage downloads for different terminal families
  • View and monitor progress of updates

Remote parameter management

  • Upload and download any parameter object from the terminal to the server
  • Deliver the (initial) configuration to a terminal
  • Share parameters for a group of terminals
  • View and monitor parameter updates

Remote scheduling

  • Set up an agenda for synchronizing management services
  • Plan one-off or recurring connections per management service
  • Spread connections over time
  • View and monitor connection status and history

User management

  • Assign access rights according to the applicable business role such as a terminal manager, call agent, application manager, …
  • Restrict access for partners to a limited terminal fleet
  • View action history of each user

Remote key loading (RKL)

  • Simplify remote maintenance of keys and certificates on terminals in the field
  • View remote key loading history

Key benefits for your business

Field service hours are reduced to a minimum thanks to the remote configuration and key loading features.
Monitoring features enables preventive maintenance and assured quality of service
XENTURION is able to manage and process up to 500,000 terminals at the same time, using up to 800 simultaneous connections. Using XENTURION, you can quickly update a complete terminal park with just one click.
A well-structured, browser-based interface makes XENTURION easy to work with. XENTURION runs on most Linux or Windows servers.
•     Secured connections between terminal and server
•     Signed software packages
•     PCI-DSS compliant
•     User password policy 
•     Role based access

XENTURION as a managed service

Key features

  • Modular and customisable system
  • Easy control of access rights and user profiles
  • Intuitive web-based user interface
  • Smart search tools for quick access to data
  • Single-click mechanism for batch updates

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Innovation managed

Our innovative Terminal Management System lets you manage, update and configure your Worldline terminals remotely and securely, via a web browser. It helps you reduce service hours in the field, and respond faster to changes in market and customer requirements.


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