XENOA is a vandal-proof terminal for use in unattended indoor and outdoor environments for e-purse or low-value payments without PIN.

Consisting of an intelligent hybrid card-reader for both chip and magnetic-stripe cards, XENOA features onboard Ethernet and serial interfaces. Its metal bezel vouches for your protection against vandalism and fraud attempts.


XENEO front


At a glance

  • Certifications
    • PCI PTS 4.x
    • EMV 4.x Level 1 & Level 2
    • MasterCard PCI POI PTS
    • PCI P2PE
    • Chip card
    • Magstripe
    • Vandal-proof



Customer transformation challenges

The terminal’s dedicated security processor, SSL-encryption and international and local certifications ensure secure transactions. 
The high-impact-resistant polymer housing, combined with a metal keypad, means the XENOA is weatherproof and tamper-proof.
Power management profiles improve performance and autonomy when relying on solar or battery power.

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Key features

  • Fraud resistant

    The optional AFAS (anti-phishing, anti-skimming) ball protects the device from manipulation.

    Easy status check

    Dual LEDs at the back provide immediate visual feedback on the device status.

    Easy configuration

    A configuration kit consisting of a service unit with a keyboard and a display, a communication cable and power cable enables to diagnose and configure the terminal during the development phase or directly in the field.

    Development kit

    This standard kit includes a compression plate with screws.

    Power management

    Different power management profiles and wake-up sources can be set up, improving performance and battery life.

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