Reinvent your business with the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions able to meet the challenging and space-constrained specifications of the European Vending Association for Cashless Vending Systems (EVA-CVS).

At the heart of the terminal, a powerful new processor guarantees lightning-fast transactions. Technologies can easily be added and open the way to a wide range of communications, direct advertising and data gathering possibilities. This innovative, water resistant and vandal proof terminal has the potential to become the reference platform for unattended vending, energy, kiosk/ticketing and parking applications.



At a glance

  • Certifications
    • PCI PTS 4.x
    • EMV 4.x Level 1 & Level 2
    • MasterCard PCI POI PTS
    • PCI P2PE
    • Contactless
    • Colourful
    • Touchscreen
    • Vandal-proof
    • 4G



Customer transformation challenges

With its all-in-one design integrating NFC, chip and magstripe cards, touch screen, and PIN pad, VALINA is simple to use. Its Android OS enables value-added applications and offers a user-friendly interface facilitating market adoption.
VALINA is a compact device in line with the European Vending Association standards (EVA-CVS) and ready for any market requiring unattended payments.
VALINA is a PIN-entry device with a single processor where a secure zone assures data integrity of sensitive data and guarantees safe transactions. 
VALINA has a low energy consumption footprint thanks to built-in power management coordinated by a patented proximity detector.

How we can help

Key features making VALINA a next- generation unattended payment device:

  • All-in-one

    device supporting low- and high-value PIN-secured transactions, and accepting all forms of electronic payment including EMV

    Android-based platform

    supporting value-added payment and business applications such as NFC loyalty, couponing and wallet

    Intuitive and interactive

    payment terminal leveraging the user experience, with a full set of retail accessories.

    Remote management

    web-based management of terminal parks through XENTURION, an optional, intuitive system

Your benefits from using VALINA

Offer payments under all circumstances indoors or outdoors

VALINA is IK 09 and IP 65 certified vandal-proof/water- and dustproof. 

Increase customers engagement with a next-generation device

A focus on security, quality, ergonomy, portability and ecology into the VALINA makes the terminal an innovating and compelling device and brings it into the next generation of unattended payment devices. 

Benefit from usability at all levels

Familiar user interfaces for the end user
Easy to install and develop
No Removal Detection Switch – this is a unique proposition 

Benefit from attractive price

from more features than assembly of different products for a lower pricing 

Meet ecological challenges and prevent from electrostatic discharge

Smart software development and an integrated proximity sensor ensure good energy management. 
VALINA is made entirely of plastic and glass, which means it is non-conductive.  

Be fully compliant with national and international security standards

VALINA meets the latest hardware and software security requirements: PCI PTS 4.x certified, SRED and Open Protocol modules. 



Worldline delivers Tiffany & Co’s first ever luxury vending machine in the UK

In its new boutique in Covent Garden London, Customers can now purchase the first edition of Tiffany & Co’s perfume through a vending machine with payments securely taken through Worldline’s VALINA payment terminal. This is the first installation for a luxury goods retailer, certainly a step change in this market. VALINA is able to support high value unattended payments using a Chip and PIN device and stripe, as well as contactless payments for lower value transactions.

Vincent Roland, Managing Director of Worldline’s Merchant Services: “We’re excited to partner with such an established luxury brand that goes the extra mile for its customers’ experience. Our VALINA at Tiffany & Co London is the first ever self-service full touch Android payment terminal at the UK. In the future we aim to extend this concept into other high value retail environments with Worldline being the leader for self-service payment terminals.”

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Connected Coffee machine, powered by VALINA

The connected coffee machine showcased for the first time at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona illustrates the convergence of IoT and payments through a Siemens coffee machine controlled by VALINA.

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Worldline and Hease Robotics collaborated to build Heasy, the first robot kiosk dedicated to retail industry and customer services with integrated transactions-based services!

Heasy can already be equipped with the a VALINA, the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions.

Watch the cinema use case captured at Innorobo 2017