YOMOVA is a compact and reliable all-in-one payment terminal bringing a value-for-money solution to stores, restaurants, retail businesses and professional offices where flexibility and portability are important. Depending on your needs, YOMOVA can be used as portable or connected to cash register.

YOMOVA is fully-featured, able to print directly product or service check with its built-in receipt printer in standard; it accepts magnetic stripe card, smart cards and interfaces with contactless devices (cards, smart phones) through its integrated antenna.

YOMOVA front

At a glance

  • Certifications
    • PCI PTS 4.x
    • EMV 4.x Level 1 & Level 2
    • MasterCard PCI POI PTS
    • PCI P2PE
    • Chip card
    • Magstripe
    • Contactless
    • Colourful
    • Touchscreen
    • Large display
    • Signature capture
    • Vandal-proof
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi



An all-in-one solution

The YOMOVA can be used as a standalone payment terminal or integrated with local e-POS systems.

Mains powered and supporting a variety of wired connections
Battery powered and using an appropriate wireless communication mode 
Sleek multicables (optional) combine different combinations of power and communication connections in a single cable, reducing clutter to a minimum and leaving you free to reposition the terminal on the countertop

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Key features

  • Colour display with touchpad supporting value-added applications

    The large full-colour touch screen maximizes the user experience with optimum state of the art interaction and is ideal for displaying publicity and other information.

    Contactless function for even faster payment

    YOMOVA supports card and mobile contactless payments through its integrated antenna.

    Integrated PIN shield

    The integrated PIN protection shield prompts the cardholder to trust the terminal and makes it easy to use with confidence.

    Reliable rechargeable battery

    Due to an intelligent use of energy, the portable version has a particularly long battery life.

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