Mobile terminals

Our mobile terminals improve the shopping experience with quick and easy payments for contact and contactless cards /devices.

They use WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G to meet all communication needs.

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The key to your business

Discover our complete range of versatile, open and easy-to-use payment terminals


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Terminal Management System

Easy to integrate with existing systems such as CRM, accounting and billing, XENTURION has been specially designed to manage, update and configure terminal parks remotely and securely through an intuitive web-based user interface without field interventions.

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Protect the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of your data

ADYTON security hardware protects secret keys and performs high speed cryptographic operations due to its cryptographic accelerators. All critical operations are protected by dual factor authentication and all user interfaces (including protected keyboard) are embedded in the device.

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Software Development Kit

The Worldline generic framework supports a modular, flexible approach to software development, so the developer can concentrate on the business aspects of the development. It provides easy integration with terminal management tools, so operators can easily deploy applications and terminals in the field.

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