Secure data transaction systems – including token generation, transaction processing, digital signatures, data protection – rely on a fast and powerful Hardware Security Module.

The ADYTON from Worldline offers a revolutionary solution, with a radically new hardware-based cryptographic accelerator providing unprecedented security, speed and user-friendliness. Meeting all current international standards such as FIPS 140-2, ADYTON is also ready to match future regulatory requirements.



  • Algorithms

    • Random number generator (SP800-90)
    • RSA (X9.31 key generation, encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify)
    • ECC (key generation, encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify)
    • (T)DES (encrypt/decrypt, MAC)
    • AES (encrypt/decrypt, MAC)
    • HMAC
    • MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA256, SHA512
    • X509
    • All functions supported by OpenSSL Crypto
    • Library (


    • Dedicated API
    • PKCS #11
    • JAVA (JCE) support through standard
    • JAVA-PKCS#11 wrappers including
    • OpenSSL using standard PKCS#11
    • Engine
    • HTTP (for big data operations)

Revolutionary security

ADYTON provides physical security for your secret keys, private keys and sensitive information. 


  • Tamper evidence and responsive
  • Strong authentication
  • Strong authentication
  • Host Authentication and encryption through SSL


  • With no moving nor rotating parts, ADYTON is designed to avoid mechanical failures
  • All management functions can be executed without interrupting any cryptographic service
  • Installing the ADYTON in the ADYTON Rack adds a second, parallel 1Gb Ethernet connection and two hot-swappable power supplies, enhancing continuity


  • New cloning functions let you set up two or more ADYTON with identical configurations
  • Pull cloning: add a new ADYTON to a system by copying the configuration of a master ADYTON on to a client device for immediate use
  • Push cloning: update a system with several ADYTON via the master ADYTON. Updates are downloaded and installed on the master device first, then distributed to the client devices


  • Around 7,000 digital RSA private key operations per second
  • Strong authentication
  • +10,000 symmetric key transactions per second
  • Worldline-designed cryptographic co-processor combining speed and security
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet

User friendliness

  • All user interfaces – such as display, keyboard, chip-card reader, fingerprint reader, USB port – are embedded inside the product. This removes the risk of losing external devices or having them fail at a critical moment
  • Most tasks are based on wizards,wizards; the initial setup guides the user through the complete initialisation process in only six steps. The basic ADYTON functions are then immediately available
  • The User Centered Design limits training costs and related unavailability of staff; and increase user acceptance

Smooth migration from previous Worldline DEP range

  • ADYTON uses the same communications protocols as the earlier DEP products
  • DEP key components can be ported to an ADYTON, using DEP Control Storage (DCS) cards, and key backups from DEP products can be transparently restored on an ADYTON

How we can help

Key features

  • Intuitive embedded user-interface

    • Integrated interface (including display, HEX keyboard, smartcard reader, fingerprint reader, USB)
    • Wizards enable to initialise and operate ADYTON

      Highest security standards used in the financial sector

      • Worldline has almost 30 years of experience in this field, and the ADYTON hardware is certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 4.
      • The optional lockable ADYTON rack meets requirements for physical dual control without additional costs for IT cabinet
      • PCI PTS HSM v3.x

      Lowest total cost of security

      Integrating ADYTON helps lower your security costs thanks to six key considerations:

      • Security and access control
      • Performance
      • Reliability and continuity
      • User friendliness
      • Features
      • Smooth migration from previous Worldline HSM products

      Unique cloning functionality for fast installation without needing Security Officers, reducing operational costs

      • Pull cloning to add a new, identical ADYTON to a network
      • Push cloning to update every ADYTON on a network

    Key benefits for your business

    A multi-purpose Hardware Security Module

    Any market where high-security cryptography is required can be addresses with ADYTON:
    • Finance (issuing, processing, acquiring, EMV, NFC, 3DSecure, PCI DSS, card personalisation, tokenisation and much more)
    • Industrial production (injecting keys in secure chips such as TPM)
    • Energy (smart metering, smartgrid...)
    • Telecom (SIM personalisation, mobile wallets, secure OTA solutions...)
    • Multimedia delivery (payTV…)
    • e-health, electronic document signature, confidential information exchange, on-line gambling…

    Performance to cope with elevated traffic

    • innovation to ensure sustainable growth ADYTON enables up to 10,000 key transactions per second

      Interoperability through standard interfacing

      • with OpenSSL, for example for PKI management
      • with an Oracle database, for use with transparent data encryption (TDE)
      • with EJBCA to manage a public key infrastructure (PKI)
      • with JSSE for secure socket exchange
      • with Cyberark Privileged Account Security solutions
      • with BULL Metasign digital signature with timestamping

      Data protection in the physical world

      Companies collecting data on European Union citizens have to comply with new strict rules established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 25th.
      Learn how ADYTON answers to GDPR.

      Read our factsheet

      factsheet adyton




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      Sam Yala, International Account Sales manager Security Products, presents ADYTON during Cartes 2012.

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