Protect sensitive data

ADYTON is a Hardware Security Module (HSM) providing a physical computing environment that safeguards and manages secret and private keys and provides accelerated cryptographic processing.

A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a security device that enables to generate, store, and protect cryptographic keys. The HSM is tamper-resistant and securely carries out cryptographic functions. It thus provides a way to safely achieve encryption and decryption operations, but also electronic signing and authentication. The main characteristic of a HSM is the physical security it offers for your secret keys, private keys and sensitive information. Access control to stored data is guaranteed, and cryptographic operations are executed inside the HSM.
Hardware Security Modules use advanced authentication and encryption to help you protect valuable information assets. Even if criminals exploit a security breach to get their hands on your encrypted data, it will have no value to them because they will not be able to decrypt it.
All private, secret and sensitive information stored inside the ADYTON is actively erased if any attempt at tampering or unauthorised access is detected. The information owner is protected against losing valuable data, thanks to ADYTON backup mechanisms only the owner can access.
Integrating dedicated hardware in an IT system offers the highest possible security. ADYTON brings maximum security for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market, delivering the lowest Total Cost of Security (TCS).  With its innovative hardware platform and its powerful, secure software architecture, ADYTON lets you integrate performance, reliability and user friendliness into your security environment, at a very reasonable price.

Hardware Security Module

Today’s cross-border, business-critical processes rely on encryption, so security of cryptographic components is therefore a key issue.

Worldline has an extensive range of Hardware Security Module (HSM) which comply with all the major international standards. This module give a high-performance solution for the secure, processing-intensive cryptographic operations your business relies on.

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