Mobile seller solution

XENGO Mobile Pay is a revolutionary and mobile seller solution created by Worldline which consists of an external card reader (XENGO) and a XENGO Mobile Pay app installed on a smartphone or tablet. It allows everyone to accept card and NFC payments anywhere and anytime in total comfort. This is easy, affordable and secure.

XENGO accepts chip and magstripe cards, contactless cards and devices with Apple Pay and Android Pay.
Our XENGO Mobile Pay app takes care of payments, invoices, transactions reporting and more.
Packed with a powerful lithium battery, XENGO can handle up to 200 transactions per charge.

How does XENGO work?

XENGO illustration, first step connect the XENGO terminal to the app

Connect the XENGO terminal to the app (both iOS and Android) via Bluetooth.


XENGO illustration, send the amount to be paid via the App

Send the amount to be paid via the App to the XENGO payment terminal using the existing network connection (GPRS or Wi-Fi) on your device.


XENGO illustration, third step insert the card into the reader

The customer inserts his card into the reader or uses his contactless card/device to pay. He confirms his payment by entering his secret code. 


XENGO illustration, first step connect the XENGO terminal to the app

Payments are deposited into your account within 2 business days. You can follow them via the App.

Interested in XENGO?


Key features

  • Quick setup

    XENGO works as soon as it is received, plugs in easily; it is suitable for iOS and Android .

    Easy to use

    After a simple Bluetooth connection with your smartphone or tablet, payment is made in 3 short steps.


    Compact and wireless, one device for multiple users.

    No need for a printer

    If your customer wishes, you can send him the proof of payment via SMS or email.

    Safe and reliable

    XENGO is as safe as a standard payment terminal (EMV/PCI) and complies with all security guidelines.


    Simple tracking of your receipts. The payment is in your account in the 2 working days.


The card reader and the related contract can be ordered via Worldline shop