Guaranteed maintenance for your encryption network

Prompt support, as part of your extended warranty

Hardware Security Modules from Worldline, such as DEP and ADYTON, give a high-performance solution for the secure, processing-intensive cryptographic operations your business relies on.
For additional peace of mind, we offer a maintenance contract that includes:

  • ADYTON Swap program
  • Software updates (fixes and improvements)
  • Repair : Parts & Labour included
  • RMA
  • DEP hotline and dedicated support team


If you need more information, contact us via

Top-quality repair facilities

High-quality repairs for your terminal equipment

Our dedicated repair facilities concentrate on one thing – providing the best aftersales services in a secure environment. Strict quality procedures apply, as recognised by our ISO certification.
In addition to handling repairs under warranty, we offer:

  • Reduced cycle time
  • fixed-tariff repairs covering components, hourly rates, and applicable upgrades. Please note: repairs due to transport damage, improper use or unapproved accessories are not covered.
  • repair reports with diagnoses and detailed analysis (optional)
  • full tracking of your products
  • Software or hardware upgrades on demand

Technical Support & consultancy

Technical support  and consultancy for Worldline Partners

To back up your investment in developing terminals and applications, we offer various consultancy services  including:

  • Advises on technical  design and solutions
  • Training/Courses for developers, technical  and operational teams
  • Consultancy during  development, integration and deployment
  • Service Support in your day to day operational business  

Those comes as part of your Partner agreement. For more information please contact your sales representative or via