Contactless vandal-proof innovation

YONEO is a vandal-proof PCI PTS contactless payment terminal for use in unattended indoor and outdoor environments, for NFC payment without PIN using EMV, MIFARE and other cards.

YONEO features onboard Ethernet and serial interfaces. Its compact, clever design, based on the TFT colour display and its backlighting, enhances the payment experience and makes the integration in the vending machine much easier and intuitive.

Typical unattended indoor and outdoor scenarios for the NFC reader are:

  • Vending machines (drinks & snacks)
  • Petrol stations and power meters
  • Parking (street & garage)
  • High-end kiosk (combined with XENTEO)


Key features

  • TFT colour display with backlighting for an enhanced payment experience
  • Built-in or surface mounted integration
  • Several communication interfaces:
    • standard: Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB host, USB slave
    • optional: GSM/GPRS/3G, MDB, WiFi, Bluetooth 



Winning assets


YONEO takes up almost no space inside the vending machine. Any integration environment can be imagined for our contactless NFC reader, and can also be combined with all our other unattended POS-terminals.

Robustness and security

YONEO is PCI PTS certified and is built to resist vandalism and fraud attempts.