Innovation on the move

Compact and lightweight, YOXIMO is extremely portable: in your hand, clipped to your belt, in its carrying case, or in your bag. Tough enough for long missions, it features a unique revolving privacy shield as part of its user-friendly design.

Its wireless communication interfaces and its TFT colour display make it the ideal solution for both portable and mobile applications: on-the-road transactions, in-store promotions, the hospitality sector and so on.

  • Optimal payment acceptance: chip cards, magstripe cards, contactless cards and devices
  • Full-colour TFT display
  • High-speed printer and privacy shield, an integrated part of the terminal
  • Fast processor, ample memory and superior cryptographic functionalities
  • Two configurations to cover all your communication needs: YOXIMO WiFi and YOXIMO 3G
  • Bluetooth and USB peripherals



Winning assets

Sleek and compact

Creative design has made the high-speed printer and the privacy shield an integrated part of the terminal. Turning the privacy shield up gives access to the chip-card interface and the magnetic-stripe reader. Turning it down again allows compact storage and transport.

Built to last

YOXIMO has been built with the mobile user in mind, and can cope with long and intensive daily use. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery provides superior autonomy and can be recharged on the move.

Superior performance

YOXIMO is powered by dual-core System-on-Chip technology for unparalleled transaction speed and payment security. Secure transactions are guaranteed by the terminal’s dedicated security processor, SSL-encryption, and by international and local certifications, such as PCI PTS, EMV and CB.