Revolutionary security

ADYTON represents the new market standard in terms of security, quality, performance, ease of use and design.

ADYTON protects secret keys and performs high-speed cryptographic operations due to its fast cryptographic accelerators. All critical operations are protected by a dual factor identification: a choice between two out of three authentication methods (fingerprint, password and chip card). All user interfaces (including protected keyboard) are embedded in the device.

ADYTON is suitable for any market where high-security cryptography is required, such as:



  • ADYTON is also secured by the integrated module (rack) in the server cabinet which is driven by Ethernet and USB communication. The rack can only be removed from the server cabinet by opening a dual lock.
  • Make the most of its small, user-friendly, innovative design with intuitive usability through wizards
  • Limit training costs and related unavailability of staff thanks to ADYTON’s User Centered Design and increase user acceptance
  • Benefit from Worldline’s 25 years experience in building, selling and servicing security modules
  • Benefit from lowest total cost of ownership
  • Access data quickly with smart search tools



Data protection in the physical world

Companies collecting data on European Union citizens have to comply with new strict rules established by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 25th.
Learn how ADYTON answers to GDPR.


2012 red dot design award

2013 iF design award

Key Points

FIPS 140-2 certified with an overall security level 3

7,000 RSA private key operations per second

10,000 symmetric-key transactions per second