YOMANI touch

Complete retail solution at your fingertips

With this latest edition to the award-winning YOMANI family, Worldline offers a digital experience in line with current consumer expectations by launching a touch-screen terminal. Thanks to its large full-colour touch-screen and contactless reader, YOMANI touch lets merchants focus on extending customer interaction by offering more than just payment services: examples include promotional messages and conduct satisfaction surveys.


The YOMANI touch can be adjusted to suit every payment environment

You can quickly and directly integrate it into your e-POS equipment using standard and dedicated protocols to integrate with the cash register, or use the Merchant Unit with its integrated printer. The Merchant Unit connects to the terminal with a USB cable, giving merchants the convenience of an extra keyboard. As a third option, a YOMANI can be equipped with a printer and a swivel and used in a standalone configuration - independently of your cash register.

WiFi or Bluetooth options are available, for wireless communication with mobile devices. This will become more and more important now tablets are being used as cash registers.



Winning assets

Outstanding quality

  • Outstanding quality and sustainability backed-up by our laboratory testing and our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certifications
  • very long life-time also under intensive usage conditions

Intuitive and ergonomic

  • A large colour touch-screen to interact with your customers using customer survey and advertising
  • Backlit keys with tactile identifiers make the keypad outstandingly easy to use
  • Three clearly separated card readers for chip, magstripe and contactless cards; programmable lighting guides customers to the correct reader.

Unparalleled security

  • System-on-Chip architecture featuring an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) at the core of our terminals
  • Compliance with security and payment standards (EMV 4.x level 1 and level 2, PCI PTS 4.x, CE, EMC)
  • Protection from shoulder surfing thanks to the integrated PIN privacy shield