The business challenge

The business challenge for HUTH was find a new terminal supplier who could meet the complicated requirements for petrol-station systems in Germany. As well as offering compatibility with the network operator

(WEAT), these systems have to handle a range of current card-payment schemes in use – girocard plus trucker and fleet cards such as UTA, DKV and Routex – and pass the German Banking Industry Committee’s demanding certification tests.

The Solution

HUTH chose Worldline as project partner. After a successful preparatory phase, a total of 400 HUTH-supplied petrol stations were equipped with the terminals during the first half of 2014. Aside from a few minor bugs, everything went very smoothly.

YOMANI has proved to be very suitable for checkout environments with high transaction count. Their use of the ISF interface standard, fast response times, effective privacy screens, and clear guidance for users leads to a high level of customer and cashier acceptance of the terminals. Customer-specific adaptations can be implemented quickly and affordably.


Positive appreciation

At the end of the project Bruno Kerling concluded: “Project management, Worldline’s clear commitment to establishing a trade presence for their terminal in Germany, using the petrol station market as a test bed, and not least, the right commercial offering … all these were good reasons why we decided to move forward together with Worldline.” “We are confident that with Worldline as a well-established partner in the field of payment services solutions, all current market requirements (Payment Card Industry Security Standard and the German Banking Industry Committee) will be implemented swiftly and reliably. It will also be possible to easily introduce new payment options via existing terminals.”