First line support is provided close to the customer, by Worldine’s local partners and distributors. Partners and distributors also install local and proprietary applications.


Worldline products are flexible and scalable, so they're just right for your business and your sector. Wherever you are. Our local partners and distributors serve a growing number of markets, packaging our products with local payment and nonpayment applications. If you are interested in our products for a specific market, please contact your nearest Worldline partner directly.

Region Partner website
Australia: Tyro
Denmark: Point Transaction Systems A/S
Finland: Point Transaction Systems Oy
Greece: EDPS
North America: BNA smartpayment systems
Norway: Point Transaction Systems AS
Russia: PBF Group
Spain: Cetel Sistemas
Sweden: Point Transaction Systems AB
Switzerland: SIX Card Solutions


Alongside our network of partners and distributors, we have in-house Worldline contacts for different major regions. Contact us directly for more information.